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Venezuela trumps China in Cuba feronickel deal

A senior Cuban official said Monday Venezuela had replaced China in local plans to produce fero-nickel at a partially completed plant in eastern Holguin province. "The Chinese are not continuing, we are redoing the project with Venezuela," Cuban Minister of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Marta Lomas, told Reuters, when asked about the Camarioca nickel works. Read More

Cuba boosts coffee production

Cuba's current coffee harvest peaked over 8,000 tons, said Ruben Martinez, vice-president of the Mountain Agriculture Entrepreneurial Group. According to a Prensa Latina report, coffee production increased by 3,200 tons compared to last year's season. Read More

Cuba continues purchasing agricultural products from U.S.

Nearly $1.5 billion in exports later, diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States are still icy, but farm diplomacy is moving on its own track as state trade officials, farmers, ranchers and food traders flock to Cuba to sign deals with Cuba's food import firm Alimport. Read More

The 9th International Cigar Festival will be celebrated in Cuba

The 9th International Cigar Festival will take place in Havana, from February 26th to March 2nd. This event aims at fostering a wide exchange of experiences, products and ideas, besides providing delight to the people. An official statement issued by Habanos S.A. International Corporation informed in Havana that this encounter will include a Commercial Fair, Habanos Armagnac's Award, Habanosommelier contest and the launching of the product line Cohiba Maduro. Read More

Cuba reports increased Sorbitol production

The Cuban eastern province of Camagüey reported a substantial increase in sorbitol production in 2006. The province has the only sorbitol-producing plant in the country, which produced 1,356 tons of that substance last year Read More

Cuba consolidates National Energy Revolution

Cuba celebrated Wednesday the first anniversary of the energy revolution being undertaken across the island which has made a remarkable progress in the development of clean sources of energy and in the increase of power generation. Read More

Cuba seeking to drop oil dependence

Cuban oil-industry experts are discussing, in a two-day national conference, the use of renewable energy sources in the country in an effort to find solutions that could bring down the oil dependence. According to specialists on the matter, the discussions ending tomorrow are held as part of the 15th National Science and Technique Forum, which is expected to contribute to the Energy Revolution that has been undertaken by the Cuban government since 2006. Read More

Cuba to massive Shanghai Show

Cuba is among the over one hundred countries which have confirmed their participation in the Universal Exhibition of Shanghai, China, scheduled for May1-October 31, 2010, and expected to be attended by about 200 nations and international organizations. Read More

New Havana Club rum factory opens

A new Cuban rum distillery has been inaugurated - the product of a joint venture between Cuban rum maker Havana Club and the French business group Pernod Ricard, the second largest distributor and trader of beverages and spirits in the world. Read More

Cuba continues producing petroleum while insisting on saving

After meeting 2006 plans for oil extraction, Cubans continue working in three dozen wells operated by its national enterprise, CUPET and by associations between the island and foreign companies. Read More

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