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The discontent of the population with the recent experiment of the taxi taxis that the government of the capital has put into practice, led Cuban television to make a report on the subject.

It is a program to supposedly reinforce public transport, with the use of minibuses that must circulate in the form of taxis on routes.

The idea is that the routes must be divided into sections, whose most expensive price - if it is done all the way - is 20 pesos.

But in practice this is not happening, as a report from the Caribbean Channel showed in its La Hora analysis segment.

One of the clients interviewed, named Paula Echevarría, explained that both at noon and after 6, the taxis are lost.

"The cars are not full, they pass and they do not give an explanation. What is missing is control, in my view, "he said.

Paula lives in the cast of the Diezmero, where there is an exit base for these cars. From there to the main avenue there is a kilometer, and the neighbors do not have another variant to get in and out except by taxi.

"The neighbors have considered the idea of ​​complaining to the head of the base, and they raised the possibility of changing the point. That is not the option, because if you planned the whole process, you even invested in the road, to have a facility, the option is for each entity to do what they should do, "he added.

Elsewhere in Havana, José Raúl Belén Acosta, a worker at Radio Progreso, narrated his anguish every time he finished working after 5 pm.

"Sometimes a lot of cars get together there, and people wait, and cars do not arrive. The end of Saturday is a tragedy; Saturday and Sunday, after five in the afternoon, do not look for any, because they do not appear, "he said.

It is not the first time that the pro-government press refers to the reordering of transport in the capital. Last week, the Cubadebate website complained about the complaints of several passengers who described as "nonsense" the measure of authorizing these taxis to work a few hours as routers and others as free taxis, and not in the first mode only.

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