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The only solution to make ends meet in Cuba is corruption

The Budget of the State in Cuba has been converted into a kind of entity that is perpetually embezzled by the inhabitants of the Island. Read More

It is forbidden to take photos in stores in Santiago de Cuba, despite the fact that the minister ordered the opposite

After the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Díaz Velázquez, reported the permissibility of the photographs inside the Foreign Currency Collection Stores (TRD) on January 14, many have brought to light public images showing the huge shortage and high prices of the few inputs sold in the markets and stores of the country. Read More

María Elvira congratulates President Trump for the new measures against the government of Cuba

The popular presenter of Cuban origin, María Elvira Salazar, congratulated the president of the United States, Donald Trump, on Tuesday for his recent decision to allow legal actions against more than 200 companies operated by the island's regime. Read More

Report warns that a new "special period" threatens Cuba in 2019

According to the Miami-based consultancy, The Havana Consulting Group, Cuba could fall in 2019 into a new "special period," just as it happened in the 1990s on the island. Read More

Raw chicken breast and old clothes with "odd smell" in a famous Cuban state restaurant

The state gastronomy in Cuba continues showing signs of not being up to the self-employed business, becoming strong competitors. Read More

Investments in railroad system continue in central Cuba

The reopening of Marta Abreu railway terminal, after full repair, was one of the investments undergone by Centro Railway Company during the first half of this year. Read More

Cuba keeps charcoal exports stable

Export of 523 tons of charcoal to different nations during the first six months of 2017 shows stability in this work carried out by workers of the Villa Clara Forest Company in the last 15 years. Read More

Cuba and Mozambique sign cooperation agreement on agriculture

The ministries of agriculture of Cuba and the Republic of Mozambique today signed a cooperation agreement in this capital with the purpose of developing bilateral ties in this area, as well as food security and agricultural research. Read More

Haiti to Strengthen Its Commercial Ties with Cuba

Haiti’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Pierre Marie Du Meny said on Thursday that his country will strengthen its commercial ties with Cuba, according to a report from Prensa Latina News Agency. Read More

Several hotels under construction in central Cuban province

The construction of hotels will begin in Villa Clara in the coming days, with the purpose of meeting an ambitious investment plan for the celebration of FIT-Cuba 2018 International Tourism Fair. Read More

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