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The Minister of Economy of Cuba, Alejandro Gil Fernandez, has assured that the Government of the Island only has resources to sell eggs for the rationamieto notebook. This was explained at the meeting of provincial and municipal secretaries of the Communist Party and the presidents of municipalities and provinces throughout the country presided over this Wednesday by Raul Castro, according to Cubadebate.

Gil Fernandez pointed out that the production of eggs in the country has not yet stabilized. In the opinion of the minister, this prevents retaking the sale of liberated. With what there is, he added, he only gives to guarantee the regulated quota.

He also acknowledged the "low presence" of products with high demand in the population such as chicken, flour, oil and eggs.

Egg production on the island is in the red since the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2007, when more than 600 poultry farms suffered serious damage and more than 10,000 chickens died.

On September 26, 2017, the Ministry of Domestic Trade ordered the rationing of the sale of eggs in Havana and the municipalities most affected by the passage of Hurricane Irma.

It was then when the "liberated" sale of eggs was suspended and five eggs began to be sold at 1.10 pesos in national currency and not at the subsidized price (at 15 cents CUP).

This shortage of eggs has gone further and has spread to the rest of the provinces.

The monumental queues to buy eggs have become daily on the Island.

At the last Council of Ministers in January, Minister Gil Fernandez acknowledged that the shortage is due to problems in the importation of raw materials to feed the animals. In that situation are the chickens that today have nothing to eat, as recognized by a director of Las Tunas.

In statements to the local newspaper, the government official acknowledged that the greatest difficulties in the distribution of free eggs have been recorded in this province of eastern Cuba in February, despite acknowledging that they have been suffering from problems since November 2018 .

The Cuban leader Miguel Diaz Canel admitted this March the shortage in the island of basic foods such as vegetable oil, bread, eggs and chicken.

In order to solve this, he asked in a Council of Ministers greater control of economic processes "important for daily life".

Eggs, oil, bread, wheat flour and chicken have been the last victims of the chronic shortage that Cuba suffers for decades, where it is usual to cyclically scarce foods such as milk powder and even salt.

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