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Officialist journalist says it is regrettable to see how a newspaper walks on one side and reality in Cuba on the other

The official journalist Luis Sexto has indicated in an interview to the state agency ACN that it is lamentable to see sometimes how a newspaper walks on one side and reality on the other; and "people realize because they are the ones who live". Read More

"It's sad to think that I'll be a property owner only when my mom dies"

37 years old, Manuel is sure that "the housing deficit in Cuba will be resolved when the elderly pass away. The aging of the population will be what solves the problem of housing. As almost nobody stops today, there will be even empty houses. Read More

They fill with packages of croquettes the refrigerators of a store in Santiago to camouflage the scarcity and little variety

Since the opening of the shopping center La Plaza, originally called La Gran Piedra, in Santiago de Cuba, the controversies surrounding this installation have been continuous, beginning with the abrupt change of name and recently ending with the sale of products in a state of putrefaction. , the latter due to the sale of meatballs with mushrooms. Read More

Fighting and pushing to buy chicken in Guantánamo, Cuba

The tension that the lack of food in Cuba causes in its citizens has triggered fights and shoves in a store in Guantánamo to buy chicken. Read More

They deny him the punching license in Cuba for not being the owner of the house where he lives

Miguel Díaz-Canel government places on self-employed workers who want to apply for a license to enter the labor market. Read More

Pay with a card in Cuba, they charge you twice and an employee tells you that "you are traversed"

The payment with magnetic cards in Cuba is still an odyssey. There is still no adequate infrastructure or education based on payment with plastic money to support it. Read More

This is how a queue forms in Cuba

The government of Guantánamo has taken a measure that has fallen like a bucket of cold water among consumers, who have already made up their minds that the queue to buy gas balitas in the city will be "largaaaa". Read More

Bacardi demands his right to sue Cuba for the properties confiscated in 1960

The well-known Cuban alcoholic beverage company Bacardi, established in Bermuda in 1965, is demanding its right to seek justice for the confiscation of its properties in Cuba by the Fidel Castro government almost 60 years ago. Read More

The shortage of oil reaches the Noticiero de la Televisión Cubana

The scarcity of oil that affects Cuba continues to attract media attention to the point that the chronic absence of this product has reached the Noticiero de la Televisión Cubana. Read More

The eternal drama of toys in Cuba: "That they take them out in the industrial stores, not only in the TRD"

The high price of toys in Cuba continues to generate pain and impotence among Cuban parents, and this is reiterated in this report, disseminated by Diario de Cuba, which reflects the criteria of a group of Guantanamo parents who have opinions on the subject. Read More

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