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It is already possible to sue Cuban companies in US courts

Starting today March 19, as announced by the Department of State, US citizens, including Cuban-Americans, may sue Cuban companies on the island in US courts. Read More

On the sale of cars in Cuba: "I'm happy because I have a Polaquito"

Arturo has lived since he was six years old for cars. "I loved getting into my dad's workshop and helping to fix them," says today, at 43, he feels happy "because I have a Polaquito (as the Polski are known), which is the most economical thing that one can find in Cuba. " Read More

The cost of the passport is the biggest obstacle to travel of Cuban citizens

The government of Cuba has said on Saturday that the suspension of the United States of the 5-year visas for Cubans on the island is "an additional obstacle to the exercise of Cuban citizens to visit their relatives in that country." Read More

Díaz-Canel checks the quality of export shrimp in Santiago de Cuba

While basic food is scarce in the country, the Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel has visited a center of the state fishing company of Santiago de Cuba (PESCASAN), where prawns are produced for export. Read More

The taxi cabs in Havana, more problems than solutions for Cubans?

The discontent of the population with the recent experiment of the taxi taxis that the government of the capital has put into practice, led Cuban television to make a report on the subject. Read More

The UN donates almost 3 thousand mattresses to Cuba, after two months of the devastating tornado

After two months of the passage of the tornado that devastated several municipalities of Havana, the United Nations (UN) made a donation of nearly three thousand mattresses for the victims. Read More

"The most probable thing is that the blackouts go back to the daily reality of the Cubans"

Last year, in an interview with CiberCuba, Cuban economist Elías Amor predicted that the months of January and February of this year would be especially difficult. And so it has been. This news portal talks again with the president of the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights about the current situation of the Cuban economy and his predictions are chilling. Read More

The egg in Cuba, only by the notebook

The Minister of Economy of Cuba, Alejandro Gil Fernandez, has assured that the Government of the Island only has resources to sell eggs for the rationamieto notebook. This was explained at the meeting of provincial and municipal secretaries of the Communist Party and the presidents of municipalities and provinces throughout the country presided over this Wednesday by Raul Castro, according to Cubadebate. Read More

So are the queues to buy eggs in Havana

The shortage of basic foods in Cuba forces its citizens to arm themselves with patience and endure immense queues to buy eggs or any other product. Read More

United States warns those who facilitate the shipment of Venezuelan oil to Cuba

The White House National Security Advisor, John Bolton, sent a message to the companies not to facilitate the shipment of Venezuelan oil to Cuba. Read More

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