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The shortage of basic foods in Cuba forces its citizens to arm themselves with patience and endure immense queues to buy eggs or any other product.

On this occasion, the official journalist Javier Gómez shared two images of Havana, where the neighbors of Playa and Vedado are seen in queues: some hold their hands to the head, others converse or simply wait for their arrival. turn to be able to buy the much-demanded food.

"The chickens are doing their thing and the town knows it," said jokingly Gomez, who also in his Facebook profile added that "thanks to social networks ... more journalists report mistreatment, poor working conditions and even faults of respect ... of different state and private sectors that work in direct contact with the population ".

The lack of staple foods in Cuba such as vegetable oil, bread, eggs and chicken was recognized, even by the government Miguel Diaz-Canel in a meeting in which he called to "boost" the country's economy in 2019.

These queues in Havana are not the first, nor the last in Cuba, where according to a report the economic conditions are almost on the verge of propitiating a new Special Period like the one suffered by citizens in the 90s.

In the waits for the basic products the Cubans get to lose the nerves as it happened in the locality of "The Cuevita", in the capital municipality of San Miguel del Padrón, where the agglomerations derived in fights when buying eggs.

Likewise, in other areas of the island as in Guantánamo, Cubans have been confronted by bags of chickens, in Santa Clara they have described the long lines as the Viacrucis of oil and in Cienfuegos they even went to collect oil spilled in the street.

The economic restructuring in Cuba continues without making efficient the Cuban lands and other sectors of the economy, that by not covering the demand do not allow to undo the dependence with respect to the importation of basic and necessary products such as oil, bread and even the sugar.

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