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Cuba and the US sign Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in agriculture

Agricultural authorities of Cuba and the United States -Gustavo Rodriguez and Thomas Vilsack, minister and secretary of the Department of Agriculture, respectively- signed on Monday in this capital a Memorandum of Understanding, as part of the program of the official visit to the island of US President Barack Obama. Read More

Cuban and US Foreign Ministers meet in Havana

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez received US Secretary of State John Kerry at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Havana on Monday morning. Read More

US's Starwood signs first US-Cuba hotel deal

A US-based hotel company has reached an agreement with Cuba to take over operations of two of Havana's hotels. Starwood Hotels and Resorts will be the first American hospitality company to operate a hotel on the island since relations between the two countries have been recently reestablished after more than 50 years. Read More

Cuba and Finland sign agreement on Cuban debt

Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, Vice-president of the Council of Ministers, received Pirkko Hämäläinen, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Finland. Read More

Cuba remove penalty on US dollar conversions

Rodriguez told reporters Thursday that Cuba will try to make a series of international financial transactions in coming days. If they work, it will get rid of the 10 percent penalty. Read More

First Cuba-US direct mail service flight lands in Havana

Cuba and the US reestablished direct mail service with the arrival of the inaugural flight that landed on Wednesday at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport from the US city of Miami. Read More

ETECSA and Verizon sign agreement for direct voice traffic

ETECSA and Verizon have completed negotiations and signed an agreement on direct interconnection for the exchange of international voice traffic between the US and Cuba. Read More

The Obama administration announces new partial measures to Cuba

US Commerce and Treasury departments today announced new regulations that modify aspects of sanctions against Cuba, among which are the use of the dollar in Cuban transactions and a significant travel relaxation for US citizens to visit Cuba. Read More

Cuba and the US to re-establish Direct Mail Service on March 16

After nearly five decades without direct mail service between Cuba and the United States, the inaugural flight of the Pilot Plan agreed between the two countries for postal exchanges will be carried out on Wednesday, March 16. Read More

Cubana Airlines opens route between Holguin and Santo Domingo

Cubana Airlines will start direct flights from the Frank Pais International Airport, of the city of Holguin in eastern Cuba, to Santo Domingo, capital city of the Dominican Republic, according to company officials. Read More

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