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Caribbean physicians training in Santiago de Cuba

The University of Medical Sciences (UCM) of Santiago de Cuba received the first students of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), by way of a plan of scholarships offered by Cuba to train physicians and specialists in the various branches of Medicine. Read More

Raul Castro will speak to the UN on September 30

Cuban President Raul Castro will speak this year for the first time before the UN General Assembly in New York, according to the latest list of speakers released today by the United Nations. Read More

Cuban singer Pablo Milanes will receive an honorary Grammy

The Latin Academy of Recording Arts announced the name of the artists who will receive their honorary awards this year in the framework of the 16th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards to be held in November in Las Vegas. Read More

The UN praises Cuban public policy model

Jesus Robles, representative in Cuba of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), praised in this capital the commitment of the Caribbean nation to demographic research, and its importance in the implementation of public policies. Read More

Cristina Fernandez announced that she will visit Havana to attend Pope Francis' Mass

The Argentinean president will visit Cuba on Sunday 20, to attend Pope Francis' Mass in Havana, a week before traveling to New York for her last participation in the UN General Assembly. Read More

The pope "has not on his agenda" a meeting with dissidents in Cuba

Pope Francis has not scheduled on his agenda a meeting with Cuban dissidents during his visit to the island between 19 and 22 September, said Tuesday Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman. Read More

Coca-Cola will enter Cuba through Mexico

"We will go to Cuba with Coca-Cola, Cuba's Coca-Cola will be Femsa's " recently said Jose Antonio Fernandez, the CEO of the company. Read More

Arrival of travelers from the United States to Cuba increases

From January 1 to September 2 this year 100 703 US citizens reached Cuba. The increasing arrival of travelers from the US to Cuba, despite the restrictions imposed by Washington, suggests that the island is about to take the lead in the entire Caribbean region, says Leonel Nodal in his article " US travelers boost tourism in Cuba," published in Excelencias News Cuba magazine. Read More