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Cuba to host World Tourism Organization regional meeting in 2016

Cuba was elected venue of the 60th meeting of UNWTO Regional Commission for the Americas, convened for May 2016. Read More

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba: soon in Mexico

From September 24 to October 3, choreographer, director and dancer Lizt Alfonso will be presented in Mexico with her dancing company. Read More

Supermoon eclipse can be seen throughout Cuba

A total supermoon eclipse can be seen in all the Cuban territory on Sunday September 27, the first of these phenomena since 1982 according to NASA. The phenomenon can also be observed in most of the Americas, West Africa and Western Europe. Read More

Vestido de Novia and Meñique: selected for the Goya and Ariel

The films "Meñique" by Ernesto Padrón and "Vestido de Novia" by Marilyn Solaya, were the productions selected by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry to boost Cuba in the name of Ariel and Goya awards respectively. Read More

International Nanotech Seminar underway in Havana

Nanotechnology experts are gathering since yesterday and until Friday at Conventions Center in Havana at the Fifth International Seminar on that scientific field. Read More

Cuban Communist Party starts a process towards its 7th Congress

Cuban Communist Party members held the first 27 municipal meetings, which along with provincial gatherings, started a process towards the 7th Congress of the political organization, slated for April 15 and 16, 2016. Read More

Cooperation on agriculture between Cuba and Vietnam

During the meeting with Nguyen Thanh Pong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of that territory, the Cuban official mentioned some measures to increase production at home and the delivery of land and loans to companies and farmers. Read More

Cuba and the U.S. work together towards the normalization

Environmental protection and prevention of natural disasters, health, civil aviation, law implementation and enforcement, the struggle against drug and human trafficking, and transnational crime, are among the top issues that experts from Cuba and the United States will begin to discuss starting from coming weeks. Read More

Russian Technology Park wants to develop projects with Cuba

The vice president of the Russian foundation Skolkovo to promote innovation, Alexander Chernov, said that the technology park of the region of Moscow wants to develop projects jointly with Cuba, because is a key country in Latin America, according to an article published on the Cuban Foreign Ministry website. Read More