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The vice president of the Russian foundation Skolkovo to promote innovation, Alexander Chernov, said that the technology park of the region of Moscow wants to develop projects jointly with Cuba, because is a key country in Latin America, according to an article published on the Cuban Foreign Ministry website.
"From that point of view, Cuba is one of the world's most advanced area in any field of science and knowledge," said the deputy minister in charge of external communication and advertising.
Chernov, who will assist with the delegation of his country at the 5th International Seminar of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to be held in Havana from 14 to 18 September, said that Skolkovo will have a future only if it reaches an international dimension. Cuba is a country with a lot of talent, he said, "so when we decided to find partners in America, our first thought was Cuba for its development, authority and potential in science and innovation."


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