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Travel web CheapAir has released his book flights to Cuba from the United States with the possibility of buying directly. For now, this company only offer packages flight with a stopover in Mexico, so it is necessary to take a second plane to get to the island, although recruitment is done in one package to benefit from one of 12 categories for the trips to the island.

CheapAir service has been motivated by company by "an increase in search volumes for travel to Cuba" since President Obama in mid-January decrease restrictions on Americans traveling to the island. Weeks earlier, the travel website Kayak also announced that premiered trips to Cuba in its flight search engine.

Until the regulation change in travel which took effect a month ago, Americans could only go to Cuba in authorized groups for visits from people to people (still available) or do it through another country like Mexico or Canada yes allow flights to Havana.

For CheapAir company, the news is that now you can buy the two separate tickets, one to another country, a second to Havana and coordinate the trip in a single transaction.

Source: Martí Noticias

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