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Since its founding on February 26, 1989, the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN) has treated 120,000 patients from 93 countries, including Cuba.

Dr. Emilio Villa Acosta, president of that institution, told ACN that this has gone on front-runner in the field of neuroscience.

It also has a program of intensive multifactorial Neurological Restoration, which combines basic, clinical, medical diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and surgery; and enhances the chances of recovery of the patient.

Pointer in Latin America and worldwide impact on the study of movement disorders and Parkinson's treatment in epilepsy and dystonia in CIREN experts inquire about autism, stroke, head trauma and spinal damages, among other ailments, he said Villa Acosta.

A multidisciplinary team led by neurologist and composed of about 13 specialties, caring for the patient seven hours daily, Monday to Saturday, intensive and personalized manner.

The previous year the center provided medical care to 548 patients from 38 countries.

The research programs of CIREN reported foreign exchange earnings to ensure economic sustainability of the institution, and in tune with the Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy country has an international focus, which generates dividends which further research are developed, he said.

He said that despite the difficult external and internal economic conditions and limitations caused primarily by the US blockade of Cuba, the CIREN keeps the image and prestige, which makes each year receives patients from new countries and grow emitting market.

In 2014 the institution remained reliable status in the accounting system in external audits received and the Quality System for hand care and other areas, Recertification by Bureau Veritas and the National Standardization Body, the source added.

Only one of its kind in the world by effectively combining research activities and clinics, medical and surgical treatment, rehabilitation and teaching, in 2015 the CIREN's objectives is to increase revenue and care to more patients.

Also, expand the field of sending countries in South America with Chile, Argentina and Peru, and Africa, and strengthen existing markets Angola, Russia and Mexico.

Conclude investments that are developed to improve the structural and welfare conditions and recovery of local laboratories and other activities for research and experimentation are CIREN purposes.

In turn, continues the exchange between professionals in scientific branches and teachers and keeps the transfer of technology to other nations such as Argentina and Spain, concluded the expert.

Source: AIN

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