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October 18th

Marabana participation breaks record

The most important marathon in Cuba, Marabana, has broken its record enrollment this year with the confirmation of 427 foreign runners and there are still a few weeks to the end of the registration period. Read More

Cuba will sow rice to avoid its importation

Of total rice consumed in Cuba only a third part of it is grown on the island, the rest is imported mainly from Vietnam. That is why the government has proposed to plant this cereal which would be half the cost of importing it. Read More

October 17th

An award was created to recognize the work of writers marginalized by Cuban government

In order to promote independent literature in Cuba and recognize the work and careers of writers marginalized by Cuban government Neo Club Editions and Club of Independent Writers of Cuba announced the creation of the Independent National Literature Prize Gastón Baquero. Read More

Cuba is looking for companies that want to invest in tourism

Building, restoring and managing hotels is the business proposal that makes Cuba to foreign companies wishing to invest in the tourist area of the island. Importantly, these companies will never be property owners, only administrative. Read More

Aragon Orchestra will offer concert at Havana’s Lázaro Peña Theatre

Aragon Orchestra will celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding on Saturday October 25th with an unique concert at the Lázaro Peña Theater of Havana. For the occasion they have chosen a repertoire of excellence that remembers and relives the Cuban musical memory. Read More

Improve conditions for supertankers in Matanzas

In the Bay of Matanzas will be installed a modern equipment called Bass to ensure greater security in operations with supertanker up to 150 thousand tons. The device has an electronic whiteboard and reveals the approach speed of the ship to the dock. Read More

Cuba gets medals in the Americas Cup of shooting

The XI Americas Cup of shooting sports being held in Guadalajara, Mexico, have among their participants a Cuban delegation that so far has won a gold medal, two silvers and two bronze. The contest will be held until Sunday October 19th and will be a qualifier for the Pan-American Games in Toronto 2015. Read More

October 16th

Two Matanzas players were absent in a game with no known cause

Matanzas players José Miguel Fernández and Lazaro Herrera were absent for reasons unknown to the game against Las Tunas last Sunday. Some sources reveal that both have escaped from Cuba. Read More

Pneumococcal vaccine is in phase II and III clinical trial

Over a thousand children from 1-5 years of age are receiving the pneumococcal vaccine as part of phase II and III clinical trial to be held in Cienfuegos. The Doctor Vicente Vérez Bencomo, CEO of the Center for Biomolecular Chemistry, explained that phase one of three doses concluded with infants seven, eight and 11 months old. Read More

Leonys Martin has had great results his year in MBL

This 2014 has been a very good year for Leonys Martin. Cuban found stability in the very beginning of the season in April, averaging 283/333/379's offense, career highs since joining the majors. Read More