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Cubacel Double Balance with new offers in

From October 21 to 24 Cubacel announces Double Balance Recharge, now you can please one more time your family and friends in Cuba. offers the best prices plus excellent additional gifts reloading. Read More

Omar Franco will present a show at the Mella Theater

Actor Omar Franco will present the show Strike on October 24, 25 and 26 at the Mella Theater in Havana. For the preparation thereof has had the direction of Roly Peña and Bobby Stany production and collaboration with Antonio Berazaín and Jorge Bacallao. Read More

Official Visit of head of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of the Togolese Republic to Cuba

The interests of Cuba and Togo to maintain good political relations and partnership programs is the occasion of the visit of Robert Dussey, head of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of the Republic of Togo. Read More

More than half of the buildings constructed in the first half of the year were private

During the first six months of the year were built in Cuba 10,063 households, of which 62.9% were the work of the private sector. Government policy implementation to promote the construction of homes on behalf of individuals registered 678 new properties more than in 2013. Read More

Cuba signs cooperation agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency

The Nuclear Energy Agency and Advanced Technologies (AENTA) reported that Cuba and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) signed a technical cooperation agreement for 2014-2017. Fidel José Santana Núñez, Vice Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba (CITMA) and Kwaku Aning, Deputy Director General for theTechnical Cooperation of IAEA signed the document. Read More

The president of INDER was dismissed

Julio Christian Jiménez Molina, president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) for nine years, was dismissed by the State Council on the proposal of President Raul Castro. It has not been specified causes or if he will assume other responsibilities. Read More

Leymen Perez wins America Bobia Award 2014

The America Bobia Award2014, in honor of the author of Archer Zodiac, was granted to Leymen Pérez for his work entitled "The Death of Things", which was the winner among fifty unpublished poems sent to Ediciones Vigia. Read More

Cuba will modernize the ID card

The Cuban government has informed the implementation of a new ID card, more durable and, in a format consistent with the new technologies and standards. This process will begin gradually from October 29. The new identity will be made of polycarbonate and will be similar to a magnetic card with dimensions according to international standards. Read More

Marabana participation breaks record

The most important marathon in Cuba, Marabana, has broken its record enrollment this year with the confirmation of 427 foreign runners and there are still a few weeks to the end of the registration period. Read More

Cuba will sow rice to avoid its importation

Of total rice consumed in Cuba only a third part of it is grown on the island, the rest is imported mainly from Vietnam. That is why the government has proposed to plant this cereal which would be half the cost of importing it. Read More