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October 21st

More Cuban doctors will help to fight Ebola in Liberia and Guinea

Fighting Ebola remains the priority for the Cuban health system, this is why on Tuesday October 21 two brigades will leave to Liberia and Guinea Conakry. Cuban Health Minister, Roberto Morales, said that 53 health professionals will travel to Liberia and others 38 to Guinea Conakry. Read More

New documentary film about Operation Peter Pan

One of the saddest events in the history of Cuba was called Operation Peter Pan, where more than 14,000 Cuban children traveled alone between 1960 and 1962 to the United States. Based on this passage is the new documentary by filmmaker Marina Ochoa. Read More

Americans could be the main consumers of Cuban cigars in the world

If economic and trade relations between Cuba and the United States would reestablish Americans will be major consumers of cigars in the world, so said Jorge Luis Fernandez, vice president of international business corporation Habanos SA. Read More

October 20th

The New York Times praised the work of Cuban doctors in the fight against Ebola in Africa

Rapid support response provided by Cuba to the World Health Organization facing the epidemic of Ebola, which has caused more than 4000 deaths in Africa, is admirable. The New York Times published an article to praise the work of Cuban doctors and nurses who took the step forward. Read More

Cuba and North Korea signed trade agreements

The governments of Cuba and North Korea signed agreements on trade and trade payments. Representatives from both countries were Cuba's Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca, and for North Korea's part new ambassador to Pyongyang in Havana, Pak Chang Yul. Read More

Cuban chess players will participate in Continental Championship

Lázaro Bruzón and Isam Ortiz, both grandmasters will participate in the IX Continental Chess Championship, based in Brazil, where they hope to attain tickets to the upcoming World Cup. Read More

"Conducta" opens MIFFecito festival in Miami

MIFFecito 2014, preliminary event at the Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) began on October 16 in the city mentioned. In this festival public can enjoy some of the films that will participate in the 32nd edition of the MIFF, which will take place in March 2015. Read More

Inti Alvarez Hauville opens exhibition in Paris

The Cuban painter Inti Alvarez Hauville opened in the suburb Gallery La Valse Marais, Paris, the exposure Colours of Cuba, which is the realization of a dream believing it to be a way to pay tribute to the city that has hosted eminent artists of all latitudes Read More

The Cohiba cigars exhibit new ring

The international corporation Habanos SA reported that the new Cohiba ring now extends to all kinds of cigars or cigar lines as Classic and 1492. The Cohiba cigars are the most prestigious. By the time the old and in the new ring coexist outlets, and it will last for a few months. Read More

Laura de la Uz offered a Reality Show at Mella Theater

The renowned Cuban actress Laura de la Uz offered on Saturday a show called Reality Show at Mella Theater, to close the II Festival “Ellas Crean”, sponsored by the Cuban Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Spain in Cuba. Read More