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February 20th

Success of the protection program jutía endangered Cuban

La Loma, Ana María fell islet of Ciego de Avila, has been used as an ecological reserve for a kind of guinea pig conguina that is in danger of extinction. So far, animal reproduction has been favorable. Read More

Mimic a state of Mexico, Cuba's infant company Colmenita

The children's theater company La Colmenita, Cuba, has been the inspiration for a similar one in the Chiapas state of Mexico, a fact which fulfills the ideal of expanding the Cuban experience. The company opened in the southern state with the book The Cockroach Martina. Read More

Vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis in Mayabeque

Begin next March, the national vaccination campaign Polio number 51 in the municipality of the province Jaruco Mayabeque. Over a thousand children will be immunized in process in two stages. Read More

Two bronze medals for the Cuban judokas in Germany

The first date of the Grand Prix (GP) judo Dusseldorf, Germany, concluded with two bronze medals for Cuba and Yanet Bermoy Dayaris Mestre. Read More

Favorable changes in the price of raw sugar

Cubazucar reported Saturday that in the week ending had good results the changes in sugar prices, having won six points in New York at 24.59 cents a pound. During this time he made purchases of final destinations of this product with delivery date for the month of March. Read More

February 18th

Creation of a network Sancti Spiritus sexual orientation

Since the passage Wednesday to Friday was developed in Sancti Spiritus sponsors a workshop on sex education which was agreed to create a network of sexual orientation which will be called "Young various and diverse". Read More

The Andes have Cuban doctors

As part of specialist training in Family Medicine and Community in the Sierra and the Amazon group of 75 Cuban doctors are crossing the Andes to know the customs and national medicine in hospitals and local Ecuadorian and do a better task. Read More

Cuban boxers came to Bulgaria

Since last Wednesday already in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, the team of Cuban boxers who will participate in the tournament Strandzha, which begins the season of competition in sport. Read More

Teams have been selected from the stars of Cuba Teams have been selected from the stars of Cuba Teams have been selected from the stars of Cuba Teams have been selected from the stars of Cuba Teams have been selected from the stars of Cuba T

On Sunday 19 February will be held on NBA All-Star XXV Stadium in Victoria de Girón Matanzas. Players who integrate the East and West teams have been selected and are prepared to enter the field.   Read More

Canadian tourism attracted by Santiago hotel

The Club Amigo Los Corales Carisol-Santiago de Cuba seems to be the favorite tourist facility for Canadian visitors showing nearly 40% of repetition. Read More