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Videolaparoscopic surgery practice in emergencies has been successful in Holguin, highlighting the work of the hospital Lucia Iñiguez.

Progress on this front to allow the installation to take 69 percent of the surgical task being carried out, said Dr. Nerza Peña, deputy director of that area in the center.

The practice, minimally invasive, began in the territory in 1998 by Vladimir Ilich Lenin hospital, and two years later was extended to clinical pediatric Lucia Iñiguez and Octavio de la Concepción and Pedraja, also of this city, he said.

This service is implemented in 44 hospitals in Cuba and has among its advantages of reduced surgical time employee, the reduction of complications during the ceremony, the risks of infection and the use of smaller amounts of painkillers and probes, he argued.

Also, she said, reduces postoperative discomfort, offers the possibility of early return to normal activities of the surgery, improved cosmetic results and the contraction of the disease.

Balanced the benefits associated with the protection of the reproductive organs of females of childbearing age, its use in elderly and obese, and the economy of four thousand 377 pesos in expenses per 100 operated patients.

The "Lucia Iñiguez" stands out among the institutions that make such interventions on the island and gets 85.5 percent of his patients Log Out less than two days after surgery.

Dr. Peña stated that the most common pathologies involved in this procedure of the surgery are acute gynecological disease, cholecystitis, appendicitis, trauma, hemorrhagic syndrome, intestinal obstruction and perforated ulcer.

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