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Last Friday ended in Pinar del Rio III National Biogas Users whose primary purpose was to discuss the results obtained with the use of equipment generating this new source of renewable energy.

The meeting was attended by Italian guests and researchers from all over Cuba, including a representation of farmers showing their experience in the use of fuel gas resulting from the biodegradation of organic matter.

The event, sponsored by the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy, included theoretical discussions and tours of biogas plants in different functions in the municipalities of Pinar del Rio, Consolacion del Sur and Los Palacios, confirms that source.

Selected based on the positive results of last year's theme, Pinar del Rio currently has 52 digesters with activated and another 23 under construction, which are used primarily for the production of domestic fuel, said the provincial committee of the Forum Science and Technology.

Today, in the territory develop studies in order to use this source of energy for the metal welding, operation of internal combustion engines and lamps for lighting, he said.


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