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Search in Cuba for further development so as to eliminate agricultural imports has led to studies for sustainable agriculture, an issue that was addressed by experts in Cienfuegos.

"What in various crop production system is a waste can be a source of feed for livestock," shares King Jesus, farmer. "The livestock wastes, meanwhile, are sources of food for the soil and crops."

"They are seeking a recycling-constant system continues, to exploit their inner potential and achieve in this way a level of sustainable production over time, without dependence on external inputs."

The Ninth Meeting of Sustainable Organic Agriculture was, in fact, with the participation of professionals, prominent farmers and founders of the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF), celebrating 25 years in Cienfuegos and has created over a thousand members.

The scientific workshop focused attention, among others, papers on urban and suburban agriculture, municipal agricultural development, market, marketing and organic certification, cooperatives and self-management processes, alternative technologies for sustainable agriculture and agro-ecological education.

In addition to honoring the most important exhibitions, was given (post mortem) ACTAF Award for the Work of Life Luis Emilio Perez Chaviano, while Marisol Chavez won the award for their creativity in rural areas. "In my farm fertilizer used is manure, livestock waste," says the producer. "And it gives us great results."

In conclusion, it became clear the urgency of moving in farming towards achieving ecological balance, to achieve not only more abundant productions, but also cleaner, according to this knowledge as popular as true that the natural is more healthy.

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