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Elías Jaua: Fidel is very well, very lucid

THE leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro met October 20 in Havana, with former Venezuelan Vice President Elías Jaua, now candidate for governor of the state of Miranda Read More

Caribbean Storm May Grow on Track to Jamaica, Cuba and Bahamas

A tropical storm watch was issued for Jamaica as the Atlantic hurricane season’s eighteenth system began to take shape in the Caribbean Sea. Read More

Cuban Press Publishes Article by Fidel Castro

Granma and Trabajadores newspapers published, on Monday, an article written by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro rejecting ill rumors recently launched about his health. Read More

Uruguay joins Cuba in legalizing abortion

Uruguay is joining Cuba as the second Latin American nation to legalize abortion in cases other than rape, incest and the life of the mother after the Senate passed a bill President Jose Mujica has vowed to sign. Read More

Renowned Cuban Specialist Mario Granda Died in Havana

The Cuban sports movement regretted the death from a heart attack, on Thursday evening, of Doctor Mario Granda Fraga, at the age of 57. Read More