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Hurricane Sandy roars into Cuba

Hurricane Sandy made landfall Thursday in southern Cuba, just west of Santiago de Cuba, where residents boarded over windows and cleared drainage gutters ahead of the strengthening storm that had roared across Jamaica and left two dead in the Caribbean. Read More

U.S.: 50th Anniversary of Cuban Missile Crisis Offers Lessons for Iran

It was exactly 50 years ago when then-President John F. Kennedy took to the airwaves <br /> <br /> to inform the world that the Soviet Union was introducing nuclear-armed missiles into <br /> <br /> Cuba and that he had ordered a blockade of the island – and would consider stronger <br /> <br /> action – to force their removal. Read More

Cuba: Baseball Pre-Team Members Go to Mexico

The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) revealed today that a pre-team composed by 27 players will dispute five matches against Mexican teams from October 24 to 31. Read More

Cuba opens way to larger private farms on fallow government land

The government announced Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012, it is modifying rules for the handover of fallow land to independent farmers, allowing them to lease up to 67 hectares, or 165 acres, and letting them build homes on the land, something that previously was prohibited. Read More

Sandy could rough up South Florida with high winds

Tropical Storm Sandy might rough up South Florida Thursday and Friday with strong winds, possibly causing significant beach erosion, downing power lines and trees and triggering minor coastal flooding Read More

Flight suit from Cuban crisis goes to Smithsonian

A flight suit worn by an American pilot who flew a reconnaissance mission over Cuba in 1962 that photographed nuclear missile sites under construction by the Soviet Union was donated Tuesday to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. Read More