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The cuban womens voluntary military service

In Pinar del Río, 18 youths concluded the SMVF and were promoted to the immediate top rank.
Anabela Borrego Cruz, leader of the Federation of University Students (FEU) and Laws graduate, is one of those girls who dressed in campaign knew how to put the invaluable conditions of a woman at the most.

For over a year this young woman was in Guantanamo, in the only Cuban military unit that accomplishes its mission in front of the enemy, which tested her character, but at the same time contributed to her training and as she says was a privilege being there.

“I live with my mother and when I told her, the only thing she asked was whether I gave it a good thought, I answered yes, although it was a very hard decision since I had to choose between start working, the dream of every graduate, or accomplish my duty with the Fatherland.

“During that time I learned in practice what the History books teach us. To see a piece of the Cuban land in the hands of the enemy is not easy at all, our mission was to watch any provocation and keep the Cuban flag fluttering.

“Women are an encouragement for men, we make them be more organized and they enjoy our presence, there was never a problem.

“There were many anecdotes, but what I recall the most is the first time I heard gunshots, it was a feeling of fear that I could overcome after some months”.

Anabela is lieutenant of the military reserve and very soon will begin her labor life more prepared than when finished her studies, since she knows the Revolution can count on her to join the men in case one day the imperialism attempts to attack this green caiman.

Beatriz Hernández Pimentel, member of the Youth Communist League Bureau in La Palma, decided to comply the honourable task of training herself for the defense of her country in a military unit, so had to leave her 15 year-old daughter under the care of her family, which was one of the most difficult things she has faced.

“Of course there is the fact that in the military service we accomplish the same missions that men do without any distinction, which is great since we demonstrate that we are capable to do any activity as hard as it may seem.

“I joined the SMVF due to the need women have to be prepared for the defense of the Fatherland. I had the support of my family every moment and the understanding of my daughter.

“Of those six months of training I remember my daughter crying on the phone and in our first encounter after a month without seeing each other, both of us cried a lot, but duty prevailed and I returned to the military unit 2878 in Caiguanabo, San Andrés, where I stayed all the time.

“I learned a lot from the soldiers and officers, it was a hard but very beautiful experience”.

Watching their smile, with long hair and fingernails, as feminine as any other female, vanishes the image some people have of the women that decide to enter the military life.

The Vilmas as this second group that concluded the SMVF was called, demonstrated that as Fidel once said “… when in a people the men fight and also the women can fight, that people is invincible”.






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