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Cuban Duo to Semi-finals in the 500M C-2
Cuba’s current best boat had a 1:44.155 minutes time, while the other boats of Meng-Yang (China-1:41.218), Ulegin-Kostoglod (Russia-1:41.241)and Jedraszko-Rynkiewicz (Poland-1:42.309) qualified straight to the finals.

Torres and Aguilar have done a great effort in these Olympic Games, because last Monday they qualified to the finals in the 1000 meters event, with the third best time of all qualified.

Meantime Cuba-s 500 meter K-1 specialist Jorge Garcia passed to semi-finals though he finished in the seventh position, thanks to its 1:42.803 minutes time.

Aldo Pruna also avanced to semi-finals in the 500 meter C-1, after finishing in the fifth position with a 1:51.111 minutes time in his heat, an event won by Spaniard David Cal (1:48.095).

 Pruna and García also qualified to discuss their pass to the finals in their specialties but in the 1000 meter event.


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