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Found by Cuban Speleologists in the Boquerones Cave System Fossils of the Pleistocene Epoch
Remains of bones and vertebra of rodents, shrews and owls that lived over 10,000 years ago were found in the walls of La Jutia cave.

Experts also found fossils of sloths. Living sloths make up six species of medium sized mammals that live in Central and South America, but most ground sloth lineages became extinct due to human activity and simultaneous climate change that came with the end of the last Ice Age.

The findings also shed light on the fact that the Gallinuela de Santo Tomas bird, whose habitat is currently restricted to the Zapata swamps, formerly lived in this area.

Los Boquerones cave system is the largest in Ciego de Avila province and the target of constant exploration. Previously, fossils of bats and rodents have been found.


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