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Cuba and religion trends

I have been visiting Cuba on church-related matters for more than a decade, last week I visited again along with Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston and Bishop Oscar Cantu, auxiliary bishop of San Antonio. Read More

Cuba's Roman Catholic cardinal will read a Christmas message on television

Cuba's Roman Catholic cardinal will read a Christmas message on state television for the second straight year, another small sign the once officially government is warming to religion. Read More

Cuba: pilgrimage worshipped San Lázaro deist on December 17th

Thousands of Cubans paid homage on Thursday to a Catholic Saint who doubles as a powerful deity in the Afro-Cuban Santeria faith. Read More

Details of Ambrosio's Cave in Matanzas province

The entrance showed a lot of birds singing, it is the natural door for Ambrosio's Cave. Its name was given after the aborigines and the runaway slaves who visited the place many years before. Read More

Silver and Bronze for Cuba at Cycling World Cup Stage in Cali, Colombia

Yumari Gonzalez and Lisandra Guerra won silver and a bronze medal, respectively, on Friday during the second day of competitions of the third stage of the Track Cycling World Cup that is underway in Cali, Colombia. Read More

Lies about Racism Unveiled by Cuban Intellectuals

Cuban intellectuals rejected false accusations that their country is a racist society, according to an article recently published by the Miami-based “El Nuevo Herald” newspaper on a “declaration by African Americans in support of the struggle <br /> for Civil Rights in Cuba.” Read More

“Obini Batá” a group of Cuban women playing drums

Obiní Batá is the only folkloric company on the island made up solely of women. They display their talent through singing, dancing, reciting and…what horror! Playing the hourglass-shaped batá drums! Read More

Pope exchanges impressions with the Cuban ambassador to the Vatican City

Pope Benedict XVI said Thursday there are growing signs of religious freedom in Cuba and that there is an opportunity for reconciliation between the communist nation and the United States. Read More

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