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Pope Francis said Saturday that the terrorist attacks on Friday night in the center of Paris, capital of France, are part of World War III.
During a telephone interview for TV2000 the pontiff said: "I am shocked and feel pain, I do not understand these things made by humans, it is hard to understand. There is no religious or human justification."
"I am close to the families of the victims and pray for them. I am close to France, which I love very much," said Francis.
On several occasions the pope has already warned that the world is experiencing a global war.
So far the official toll after the attacks is 129 dead and 352 wounded, of which 99 are in serious condition, so the death toll could rise.
The Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said Saturday that those who carried out the attacks lived in Belgium. The document in which the Islamic State claims responsibility for the attacks will be investigated by the French authorities.


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