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Churches Nominated for Cuban Prizes

Two traditional examples of colonial architecture in the Cuban city of Camagüey have been nominated for highly-coveted Cuban awards. Read More

DVD Commemorates Cardinal's Cuba Trip

A Salesian community in Cuba presented a DVD commemorating the visit of Benedict XVI's secretary of state. Read More

Cuba: Catholics ask to the Cuban president to show his cards

Catholic magazine "Espacio Laical" affirm the Church's commitment to building up Cuba, but asked President Raul Castro to unveil his political agenda. Read More

Died Charles Hulett Burke his most noteworthy wood carving was a crozier for the Episcopal bishop of Cuba.

But his most noteworthy wood carving was a crozier for the Episcopal bishop of Cuba. Dr. Burke, using a single piece of cherry wood, carved the staff of the crook in the shape of a stalk of sugar cane to symbolize the people of Cuba. In the crook of the crozier, he included the coat of arms of the Diocese of Cuba. Read More

Another thought on the religion in Cuba

South Florida churches and synagogues are deepening contacts in Cuba, but quietly to avoid angering the Cuban government and some exiles. Read More

Cuban Orphans to Receive Holy Thursday Collection

Benedict XVI determined that the monetary offerings at the Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper will be earmarked for the orphanage "La Edad De Oro" (The Golden Age) in Havana. The sum will be presented to the Pope during the presentation of the gifts during the Mass. Read More

Open New House in Cuba of the Benedictines

The abbot of the Congregation of the Benedictines of Saint Ottilien, Father Jeremias Schroder, said the religious order will open a new house in Cuba by the end of the year in response to a request from the Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino. Read More

Cuban archbishop: Religious freedom slowly spreading on island

Archbishop Dionisio Guillermo Garcia Ibanez, named earlier this year to lead Catholics in Santiago, Cuba's second-largest city, said the church has been able to expand its reach, though it will be years before it achieves goals of even more openness. Read More

Thousands of Cubans make pilgrimage to sanctuary honoring St. Lazarus

Thousands of Catholic Cubans expressed their faith and devotion to St. Lazarus by making a pilgrimage to a sanctuary in El Rincon, located less than 20 miles west of Havana. The devotion to St. Lazarus, known in Cuba as the miraculous saint and sometimes called "Old Lazarus," is one of the island's deepest. Read More

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