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FARC expressed desire to meet with the pope in Cuba

The FARC negotiator team expressed its desire to meet with Pope Francis during his upcoming visit to Cuba in September, where they develop for more than two years peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the Communist guerrilla. Read More

Pope Francis will have Che Guevara on his left at Mass in Havana

A construction crew began erecting the altar for the Mass that Pope Francis will officiate in the Revolution Square in Havana, from where he can see on his left the huge portrait of Ernesto Che Guevara, 36 meters high and based on a famous photo by Korda, which since 1993 covers the facade of the Ministry of Interior. Read More

Pope Francis will ask to abandon hostilities and resentment in Cuba

Pope Francis will ask Cubans to abandon hostilities and animosities between them during his visit to the island in September, as announced Father Jose Felix Perez, spokesman of the bishops of the island. Read More

Raul Castro: Pope Francis emanates "worldwide admiration"

Cuban President Raul Castro today highlighted the "global admiration" that Pope Francis emanates by his preaching in favor of "peace and equity, poverty eradication and environmental protection." Read More

Pope Francis: in Cuba there was no mediation, but "good will"

Pope Francis said today that in the rapprochement between the US and Cuba was no mediation from the Vatican but was caused by the willingness of both countries. Read More

Pope Francis will bless Holguin city from the Loma de la Cruz (The cross hill)

Pope Francis will meet an old tradition in his visit to Cuba in September by reaching the top of the Loma de la Cruz to bless Holguin city from there, said on Tuesday the Church. Read More

Pope Francis to Cuba as a messenger of "reconciliation and peace"

Pope Francis will visit Cuba from September 19 to 22 as "messenger of mercy" to promote "reconciliation and peace" of the island with the United States and among Cubans, said on Monday the Catholic Bishops of Cuba in a message. Read More

US bishops support laws for travel and trade with Cuba

"We hold that the way to promote religious freedom and human rights in Cuba is through dialogue and reconciliation between the US and Cuba and in Cuban society. To achieve this, the trade and travel embargo should be lifted" Read More

Fidel received the US Reverend Joan Brown Campbell

On the night of Thursday, Fidel Castro Ruz, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, received to Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, who is visiting Cuba invited by the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Matanzas. Read More

President of the US Council of Churches claims for the end of the embargo

We will continue working with people of good will in the US for the Congress to eliminate the embargo against Cuba and normalize relations, said Rev. Jim Winkler, Chairman of the National Council of Churches of that country. Read More

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