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Pope Francis will urge Congress to bi-national understanding "as a sign of progress in coexistence" and will not mention the embargo directly, although he stated the traditional position of the Holy See in this regard, which is opposed not only to this one but also to "other cases of blockade."
The Supreme Pontiff also acknowledged that he is "glad for having met the Cuban people, the Cuban Christian communities" and asserted that "the meeting with the families at the Santiago Cathedral was very nice, very beautiful."
He gave details of his meeting with Fidel in Havana and admitted that the Cuban leader was very interested by the Pope's Encyclical "Laudato Si" where the Pope calls for justice for the needy and encourages the implementation of the famous "comprehensive ecology."
"With regard to the US Congress, I'm thinking about what I'm going to say, but not specifically about this issue, but rather in general, about bi-national or multinational agreements as signs of progress in coexistence. It's going that way. The topic is concrete... I am trying to remember and I do not want to talk nonsense, but the issue is not mentioned specifically."



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