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The church launches "believing in god" website

The Cuban Bishops’ Conference has just announced the launch of their own blog, (”Believing in Cuba”), a space for Catholics to “enrich their experience of God” through the Internet. Read More

Song to the roots and nature, it's Gaga party

The Gaga Party held at the Barrancas town, almost in the center of the eastern Cuban areas, is an endless parade of music, dance and colors. Read More

Cuba Allows Organised Religious Services in Prisons for First Time in 50 Years

<div align="justify"> Last Christmas and Easter, religious services were permitted in some prisons for the first time since the revolution. The government's change in policy means now they will not be restricted to special occasions. <br /> </div> Read More

The Church's Presence Is Felt in Cuba

<div align="justify"> While Cuba is no longer an officially &quot;atheistic&quot; state, 50 years of communism during which religious practice was actively discouraged has had its effect on Cuban society. Through it all, the church -- though weakened and reduced in numbers -- survived. Today the church in Cuba, beyond just surviving, is striving to be a witness to hope. </div> Read More

Bishops Satisfy with Storm Recovery in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The Catholic delegation was pleased with church efforts to bring aid to the hurricane-racked island. The trip included visits to the U.S. Interests Section, which serves as an informal U.S. government mission; a meeting with Ricardo Alarcón, head of Cuba's parliament; a tour of hurricane-damaged churches and talks with Cuban church officials. </div> Read More

U.S. Bishops urge Cuba and U.S. Leaders to Improve Relations

<div align="justify"> A delegation of U.S. Roman Catholic Church leaders urged Barack Obama's administration Tuesday to seize what they called a rare political opportunity to lift the 47-year-old economic embargo against Cuba's communist government. </div> Read More

Visit of American Bishops to Cuba May Help to Speed Unfreezing

<div align="justify"> A delegation of Catholic bishops from the United States arrived on Monday to meet with their Cuban counterparts and review the situation on the ground following the hurricanes that caused such extensive damage on the Caribbean island en 2008. </div> Read More

Delegation of U.S. Bishops Will Visit Cuba

<div align="justify"> USCCB welcomed the move by the Obama Administration in April to relax restrictions on Cuban-American travel and the regulation in remittances to Cuba. The U.S. bishops also urge passage of the “Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act” (H.R. 874 and S. 428), which would remove travel restrictions to Cuba for all Americans. </div> Read More

Cuban Baptist Minister Visits Berks as part of Program

<div align="justify"> The visit is promoted by &quot;Hands Across the Gulf&quot;, that is a partnership between the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of Cuba. </div> Read More

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