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UN Recognizes Cuba's Role in the liberation of Africa

<div align="justify"> HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 28.-  The president of the UN’s General Assembly, Ali Treki, thanked Cuba and Fidel Castro on Monday for the role played in the liberation of Africa. </div> Read More

Brilliant performance by Carlos Acosta in Japan

<div align="justify"> Monica Mason, director of the Royal Ballet said it is a pride of her company to have the presence of Carlos Acosta, the Cuban dancer, who was presented yesterday at the Tokyo Bunka Kankan Great Theater of Japan. </div> Read More

A cultural evening as part of the 3rd Annual International Che Guevara Conference

<div align="justify"> Saturday night of the conference will be a special evening about the struggle for freedom of the 5 Cuban heroes held in US prisons. </div> Read More

Silvio Rodriguez’ U.S. Tour Successfully Wraps Up

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 24 (acn) Cuban singer songwriter Silvio Rodriguez concluded his first tour of the United States in 30 years, with a concert in the city of Orlando, in the southeast of Florida, on Wednesday. Read More

Pupy Pedroso makes Boston timba land

<div align="justify"> There was history in the air Tuesday night when one of the giants of Cuban music, Cesar “Pupy” Pedroso, led his powerhouse band Los que Son Son into Boston for the first time. </div> Read More

Why Did Calle 13 Go To Cuba? Check Out This Documentary!

<div align="justify"> After Calle 13 visited Cuba back in March, they got heavily criticized, check out this doc featuring the band's trip and their reasons for going there. </div> Read More

Seminar on Jose Martí and Jose Rizal

21 June 2010 - The Philippine Embassy in Cuba reported that it conducted a seminar on the striking resemblances in the life and patriotism of Jose Rizal and Jose Marti, the national heroes of the Philippines and Cuba, respectively, in Havana on June 18. Read More

Los Van Van are set to make their Brisbane debut

<div align="justify"> Direct from Havana, for the first time in Brisbane, Cuban super-group Los Van Van will bring the music that has created legions of fans throughout the world to QPAC´s Concert Hall stage. </div> Read More

THE HAVANA NOTE/Wilkerson: Cuban Five: Another Look at an Old Case?

<div> This is especially important regarding Gerardo Hernández's petition for habeas<br /> corpus due on June 14 and the claim in DC District Court re U.S. Government's<br /> violation of Smith-Mundt Act.<br /> </div> Read More

METEORO 2010, Cuba consolidates prevention

Accompanied by General of the Army Corps Leopoldo Cintra Frías, first deputy minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Division General Ramón Pardo Guerra, head of the National Civil Defense Chief of Staff, Commander Ramiro expressed interest in the operational capacity of the medical unit. Read More

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