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Russian publishing house Joven Guardia (Young Guard) has just published in its series "Life of illustrious men" the biography of Cuban President Raul Castro. The presentation in Moscow  was chaired by Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, who was full of praise for the contribution of the Castro brothers to relations with his country.
The author is the KGB Major General Nikolai S. Leonov, who befriended the younger Castro in May 1953. On the trip that Raul Castro made in 2012, during his meeting with Prime Minister Medvedev, he devoted a third of the conversation to Leonov , whom he called "my first Soviet friend."
In his memoirs, entitled Hard Times, Leonov recognizes that the "Cuban friends" were who in one of his vacations on the island advised him to devote himself to politics in post-Soviet  Russia.


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