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The Cuban model Lisandra Silva shared an unfortunate event on Friday morning in the morning, on International Women's Day. The former reality girl based in Chile, was the victim of a violent robbery at the hands of a man on a motorcycle.

"Hello to all my followers yesterday International Women's Day I suffered a robbery with force, followed by hacking and extortion. I'm still shaking and I'm very affected, "Lisandra said on Instagram.

In a video the model tells how the robbery occurred in broad daylight, when she was on her way to perform paperwork at the Cuban embassy. Lysandra was taken by the arm and dragged on the ground.

"I wanted to share my story with you to free myself and I would like to hear your stories if someone has experienced something similar to feel identified. I'm having a terrible time, "he wrote.

The Cuban incited her followers to share in the comments if they had been victims of a similar crime, "to feel that we are not alone in this world". At the same time, he left information in his Instagram stories on how to prevent this type of theft and know what to do in each case.

On Friday, during the celebration of International Women's Day, Lisandra had dedicated a publication to women, where she said she was proud of her gender.

"You knew that we are superior beings, we were born with more neuronal connections that gives us the ability to think more, feel more, endure more pain and have greater tolerance to difficult times and defeats, we are more sensitive and stronger at the same time. And we have the gift of life, it's the age of the woman, and I'm proud of it. "

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