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Cubans in the locality of Dos Rios, in the eastern Granma province, paid homage today to National Hero Jose Marti, who was killed in action in that rural site fighting Spanish troops on May 19, 1895.
Students, workers, soldiers and academics gathered at a plaza built on the precise site where Jose Marti fell, to hold a patriotic ceremony marking the 121st anniversary of the historic event. Among the participants were children who participated in different actions held this week to recall Jose Marti’s life and work, such as a national visual arts contest, academic workshops and other cultural activities.
High on the agenda of commemorations was a lecture entitled the “Diseases of Jose Marti” by professor Ricardo Hodelin, a neuro-surgeon that holds a PhD in medical sciences. The doctor’s personal thesis explains that since early age Marti suffered from Sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body. The doctor said that the strength of Jose Marti in facing physical and moral challenges and even his pardoning of those who tried to poison him, expresses the extraordinary spirituality of the founder of the Cuban Revolutionary Party.

Jose Marti, born January 28, 1853 in Havana, became one of the greatest thinkers on the planet and he left a huge legacy that includes very significant ethical teachings.

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