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Longina more than a song and inspiration

The 14th edition of the national meeting of singer songwriters Longina will be held in Santa Clara until January 10th, with concerts, albums and book releases, and the special participation of the Centre Pablo de la Torriente Brau. Read More

Cuban Children Recall Santa Clara Battle

Cuban elementary school students recalled Santa Clara battle as the troops commanded by the guerrillas man Ernesto Che Guevara did 51 years ago in that central province. Read More

Coppelia ice cream, a dream come true in Camaguey province

The restoration of an icebox at the local Coppelia ice cream factory will make possible to increase the production levels up to approximately 10 thousand gallons per day. Read More

Five New Sea Algae Species Found in Cuba

Cuban scientists from the Coastal Ecosystem Research Center, (CIEC for its Spanish acronym), found 5 new sea algae species in the Northern and Southern key systems in this central Cuban province. Read More

Small-size varieties of bananae more resistant to hurricane winds developed at cuban biotech institut

Cuban experts from the Plant Biotechnology Institute (IBP) in Santa Clara province are once again dedicated to grow small-size varieties of banana, which are more resistant to hurricane winds. Read More

Ernesto Guevara Cardio Center in Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba, just performed its 1,000th angioplasty

The Ernesto Guevara Cardio Center in Santa Clara, Villa Clara began to offer this service in 2003, but it was paralyzed for more than two years because of difficulties in obtaining parts to repair the equipment due to the US blockade<br /> Read More

Mountainou Area of Manicaragua with mortality rate of zero since ten years ago

In this region of our province there is no maternal death in the last 20 yaears, It was said by Bela: kis Lorenzo, a doctor who heads &quot;El programa Materno Infantil&quot; in Villa Clara. Read More

In Villa Clara, Cuba, special Medical treatment for asthmatic children

The doctor Jorge Fernández, specialist in allergy and in front of that assistance program, said that 86 porcent of thepatients dont consume medications and the evolution has been very favorable for them. Read More

2.2 Million National and Foreign Tourists Visitors at Che's Museum in Santa Clara, Cuba

The Ernesto Guevara Museum-Memorial, in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara, has been visited by 2.2 million national and foreign tourists. Read More

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