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Summer 2010 Brings Many Tourists to Villa Clara Province

<div align="justify"> The sale of more than 10,000 international airlines seats bound for Villa Clara, in the current summer, traded over the same period of 2009, predicts a much greater flow of travelers this year. </div> Read More

495th Anniversary of Remedios City, Villa Clara province

<div align="justify"> Deeply rooted in San Juan de los Remedios, legends and traditions coexist in big colonial houses to perpetuate their magic, which sprouts every June 24, now on occasion of the 495th founding anniversary of the city.<br /> </div>   Read More

Regional Toxicology Center in Villa Clara Saves Lives

The Regional Toxicology Center in Santa Clara, Villa Clara saved the lives of more than 200 people from the provinces of Villa Clara, Sancti Spiritus and Cienfuegos in 2009. Read More

Industriales, the new Cuban baseball champion

Arleys Sanchez pitched seven innings and allowed seven hits. Read More

Industriales bashes up Villa Clara, Cuban Baseball final is tied up 2-2

Shored up by an unrelenting offensive of 20 hits, Industriales knocked out Villa Clara 11-1 on Saturday in the fourth game of the final, corresponding to the 49th Cuban Baseball Series, and now the two teams are tied 2-2. Read More

Industriales Remains in the Final Cuban Baseball Series

The Industriales team, known as the Blue Lions of the capital, as their fans like to call them, will come out on their turf of the colossal Latino Americano Stadium in quest of their first victory in the Final of the Cuban baseball Series. Read More

Cubans forget their worries in baseball rapture

With the signal to &quot;play ball&quot; in the island's baseball finals, Cubans have immersed themselves for a week in a sport so close to the heart it has even entered their language of love.<br /> Read More

Baseball: A Final Without Predictions and Favorites

Cuba’s baseball championship currently has two contestants, two excellent performers, those who draw the public to the stadiums and to the screens of thousands of TV sets, two teams that do not like half-measures; you hate them or love them: Industriales and Villa Clara. Read More

Cuba: Industriales vs Villa Clara to Dispute Baseball Title

The Industriales team will match Villa Clara in the final game of the Cuban baseball championship, after declaring itself champion of the western division, beating 4-2 the defending champion Habana team. Read More

Dora Alonso’s Cuban Identity

Dora Alonso used to assert, with special emphasis when she was surrounded by friends, like she also qualified her readers that in her culture flourished, like substance and nutritious, the wealth of popular traditions, even of that kind of myths and religiosity she drank in her childhood, when the upbringing of that girl was fed by a black woman who was her nanny. <br /> Read More

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