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The attendance of more than 112,800 people to the Ernesto Guevara Sculpture Complex, in the first quarter of the year, about 2,100 more regarding the same stage of the previous year, shows the growing interest in the figure of Che.
Last March, 41,385 visitors visited the monument, a record for a month in the center's history, Maira Romero, director of the prestigious institution, told ACN.
Most of them are from different nationalities, including Germany, France, Italy and Argentina, she said.
Romero highlighted the development of a program to remind the Heroic Guerrilla, on the 50th anniversary of his assassination and the two decades of the placement of his remains and those of several of his comrades in Bolivia, in the complex.
She noted that among other actions, each month they devote a space to ephemeris on the life and work of members of the group of combatants in the South American nation.
Romero stressed that next May 1st will be the best opportunity to remember Che's legacy as founder of voluntary work, in the struggle for quality of production and services, and increasing productivity and innovation. (acn)

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