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Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas, leader of the Antitotalitario Front (Fantu), was taken Thursday to Arnaldo Milian Castro Hospital in the city of Santa Clara after growing extremely weak from a hunger strike that has stretched for eight days.

Cuban activist Jorge Luis Artiles said that shortly after noon, Fariñas lost consciousness and went into a state of shock, fainting and not responding. Fariñas was treated in an observation room at the hospital, where he got an electrocardiogram and had his vital signs checked.

Fariñas has already accumulated 11 days on hunger strike and thirst after calling for voluntary discharge from the hospital.

The main request of Fariñas to stop the hunger strike and thirst is that the Cuban government publicly commit to stop "torturing, beating, threatening to kill or confiscate property of the political opposition".



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