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Fidel Castro writes about John F. Kennedy and his family

Fidel writes about the dramatic story of John F. Kennedy and his family and praises an article written by Kathleen Kennedy, John F. Kennedy’s niece, in which she asks Obama to eliminate travel restrictions to Cuba Read More

Influenza-like illness in the United States and Mexico

Because there are human cases associated with an animal influenza virus, and because of the geographical spread of multiple community outbreaks, plus the somewhat unusual age groups affected, these events are of high concern. Read More

Americans favor the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba

Gallup published today a poll in which, a 60 percent majority of Americans favor reestablishing diplomatic ties with Cuba. Read More

Attorney General Robert Kennedy tried to lift Cuba travel ban

One month after president John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, his brother, attorney general Robert Kennedy, tried to convince the US government to lift its travel ban to Cuba. Read More

Willy Chirino asks permission to trasmit a concert on a big screen at "La Piragua" Cuba

Singer Cuban-American Willy Chirino asked to the cuban president Raul Castro, to allow him to transmit in the island a concert that he will offer in Miami the 6th of June Read More

US film producer in a workshop at San Antonio de los Baños International Film School in Cuba

US celebrity film producer, Michael Hausman, is conducting workshops for students from The San Antonio de los Baños International Film School in Cuba. Read More

Fidel Castro’s Reflections: Feverish Dreams

Fidel Castro, said he could find no explanation for the euphoria expressed by some of the participants at the Port of Spain Summit. Read More

Brazilian president: Obama will understand that Cuban embargo is no longer needed

While praising the good will from Cuba, Obama continues to place pre-conditions on talks which have always been unacceptable to the Caribbean island nation Read More

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