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Theatre specialist Vivian Martínez Tabares, Cuban cultural chancellor in Mexico is participating in the 2009 International Theatre Festival on the Borders, which is taking place in several cities from Baja California, with the presentation of several titles related to the theatre: the volume Tres obras, by Arístides Vargas and the number 150 of the Latin American theatre magazine Conjunto, both of them edited by the Casa de las Américas, as well as the book written by her Pensar el teatro en voz alta, a compilation of theatre critics, published by Ediciones Unión.

The presentation of the book by Arístides Vargas, an Argentinean play writer who lives in Ecuador and who is participating as the leader of his group Malayerba, became a tribute to the Casa de las Américas in its 50th anniversary, when the play writer, after the presentation highlighted the way in which the Cuban institution has been useful to promote the work of many Latin American and Caribbean intellectuals.

Vargas declared that his first work published in a magazine was Jardín de pulpos, spread precisely by Conjunto in 1997 and currently many groups from the region have taken to the stage many of his texts and they have worked with the edition of Casa de las Américas.

The actress Charo Francés, on the other hand, highlighted that all over the world with the work of many professionals from every field, Cuba is undertaking an avant-garde role being an example of professional and human ethics.

The Cuban actor and director Jorge Folgueira, director of the Festival and professor from the School of Arts from the Baja California Autonomous University, presented the book by Martínez Tabares and greeted the fact that Conjunto has reached such a high number of editions in its already long history.

The Theatre Festival on the Borders scheduled, apart from the presentations of the Malayerba Theater La razón blindada and Donde el viento hace buñuelos, this one performed together with the Puerto Rican Rosa Luisa Márquez, the actress with a Peruvian origin Rossana Peñaloza with La Otra Huaringa and three shows by students from the UABC Arts School. T

The workshops Memoria y representación and El juego como disciplina teatral were also lectured.

Source: EmbaCuba México and Cubarte

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