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Cuba markets could triple volume of agricultural products for Corpus Christi

"The Trade Sanctions and Reform Act allows (U.S. interests) to sell agricultural products, medicine and lumber to Cuba," says Michael Perez, director of port operations and business development for the Port of Corpus Christi. Read More

The american people themselves must demand freedom for the Cuban Five

An International Campaign to Free the Cuban Five will begin on September 12. This will be an excellent opportunity to knock at the doors of American peoples consciences Read More

Diplomatic ties betwen Mexico and Cuba to be relaunch

Mexico broke off diplomatic relations with both nations during the 2000 to 2006 government of President Vicente Fox due to contradictory positions on various issues. Read More

And the 8th Annual Latin Grammy nominees are.....

Orishas, Ibrahim Ferrer and Silvio Rodriguez are some of the cubans nominated to Grammy's Latino 2007 Awards. Read More

Choice medical services signs agreement with Cubanacan Turismo y Salud, Cubas health tourism leader

Choice Medical Services has arranged for an uninsured Georgia man to go to Cuba for low-cost medical care. He is expected to arrive in Cuba by early September for orthopedic surgery. Separately, Choice has signed an agreement with Cubanacan Turismo Y Salud (Cubanacan Tourism & Health), that allows Choice to provide access to Cuba's leading hotels and resorts for use by its patients. Read More

Cuba will not participate in upcoming World Boxing Championships

The Cuban Boxing Federation announced that the island will not participate in the upcoming World Championships of the sports scheduled for October 21st to November 3rd in Chicago, United States. Read More

Brother is the first to testifie in cuban custody case

The boy was the first witness in a trial to determine whether the girl's father, Rafael Izquierdo, is fit to regain custody of her and return to Cuba, or whether she should stay in the U.S. with her wealthy foster parents. Read More

United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns

As attorney general and earlier as White House counsel, Gonzales pushed for expanded presidential powers, including the eavesdropping authority. He drafted controversial rules for military war tribunals and sought to limit the legal rights of detainees at Guantanamo Bay - prompting lawsuits by civil libertarians who said the government was violating the Constitution in its pursuit of terrorists. Read More

Michael Moore's "Sicko"" broad reach and impact in north american population

Few have seen the movie but nearly half of the public is familiar with it. "Sicko" gets many talking about health care issues, reinforcing views of some and encouraging others (even some conservatives) to re-think the need for reform Read More

Cuba will train Detroit doctors

Cass tech grads firs in midwest to receive scolarships from Cuba Read More

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