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From Solitude and Hope

Edited by the Capitan San Luis publishing house, the volume includes a prologue by writer Roberto Fernandez Retamar and an epilogue by Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada, president of the Cuban parliament. Read More

Medium length documentary Salud! tells the story of Cuba's medical internationalism

Salud! covers a lot of ground for a medium-length documentary, highlighting the accomplishments of Cubas doctors in The Gambia, South Africa, Central America, and Venezuela. To its credit, the documentary lets the story unfold primarily through the observations of the doctors and patients themselves, supplemented by some experts in the field. Read More

Castro reveals that Cuba provided information that saved Ronald Reagan from assassination in 1984

Castro wrote that Cuban authorities learned later that the FBI had arrested several people in North Carolina. Several days after that, Muller expressed America's thanks to the Cuban official Read More

Castro's reflections: The empire and it s lies

This world cannot be saved -and this does not have anything to do with terrorism-- if this unfair economic and social order continues to be developed and applied; an order that is leading the world to disaster, along a path from which there is no escape for the 6.2 billion people living today and the future inhabitants of this planet, suffering ever greater destruction and plunged further into poverty, unemployment, hunger and despair. Read More

The truth about the Cuban Five Published in Project Censored 2008

Every year Project Censored publishes a book that includes a number of chapters of topics that have been unreported and the 25 top ignored stories during the previous year before the publication of the book. Due to the fact that the case of the Cuban Five has been practically ignored for the past nine years, the importance of the case merited a chapter in the 2008 book that is being released at the beginning of September. Read More

A US stanza singer improvises with his daughters

The American teacher, Philip Pasmanick, who fell in love with the stanza long ago, resides in San Francisco, California. He established a love of poetry with ten verse strophes, especially in its oral improvised expression, and decided to make a research of the use of stanzas within the Rumba rhythm. Read More

Christopher Dood would end Cuba's embargo as president of United States

Democrat Christopher Dodd pledged Saturday that as president he would end a decades-old trade embargo with Cuba and lift travel restrictions to the communist island. The Connecticut senator also said he would open an embassy in Havana and shut down the 17-year-old TV Marti, a U.S. government-run station that broadcasts to Cuba. Read More

Season of mexican culture to open in Cuba

The event includes art exhibitions from Zacateca, the Mexican state to which the cultural season is dedicated this year. Cuba has also held a program of activities since July 6 paying homage to outstanding Mexican painters Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Read More

Rich Canadian widow is waiting in Cuba

If she could speak to President Bush, she says, "I would just tell him that my husband deposited that money years ago in case I ever needed it. Now I need it to pay my doctor bills and take care of other expenses." Read More

A fifth edition for the Cuban Festival in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts , Quebec , Canada

Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts is located at 45 km of Montreal, in the province of Quebec. On an outdoor scene in George-Filion park the festival beat it's full rhythm during three days. Read More

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