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Cuban 5 Congratulates Cuban Women

Five Cuban antiterrorist fighters jailed in the United States since 1998 sent a message of congratulation to Cuban women, praising their leading role in the island state´s economic, social and political life. Read More

Cuba Breaks WBC Homerun Record for a Game to Beat South Africa

A ruthless offensive, with record-breaker 6 homers-in-a-game, characterized Cuba’s first victory at the 2nd World Baseball Classic (WBC) against South Africa 8-1 in Pool B, underway in Mexico. Read More

Economists Gathered in Havana Sent a Letter to US President

The heterogeneous group made up by the 1500 economists and social scientists gathered in Havana over the past week to discuss globalization and development-related issues, signed a petition letter address to United States President Barrack Obama. Read More

Bill Hackwell Exhibition Touring Cuba

A popular exhibition by US photographer Bill Hackwell has finally arrived to the province of Santa Clara after touring most of the island. Read More

Children from Cuba, Canada and the United States draw on the environment

Children from the United Status of America, Canada and Cuba are proclaiming their defense of the environment in the paintings that are being exhibited in the Larios gallery-workshop, from this city. Read More

US Nobel Laureates in Economics Made Honorary Members of Cuban Economists Association

The recognition was made to Robert Mundell and Edmund Phelps during the second day of the 11th International Gathering of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems ongoing in Havana Read More

US Artists for Renewed Cultural Links with Cuba

A national network of US artists called on the administration of President Barack Obama to renew cultural links with Cuba and lift restrictions preventing their Cuban peers from travelling to the United States. Read More

Debate heating up again over U.S. policies toward Cuba

The ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar of Indiana, issued a report denouncing the U.S. embargo against Cuba.     Read More

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