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Exhibition of Fidel Castro's Photos Opens in Mexico

The photo exhibition "83 Reasons", set up in Havana in 2009 as a tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro’s 83rd birthday, will soon be exhibited in Mexico to recall the Cuban leader’s life and work. Read More

Omara Portuondo to launch her album Gracias in Mexico

Omara Portuondo, the diva from the Buena Vista Social Club, will be in the Metropolitan Theatre,  Mexican Federal District to launch her album Gracias, which commemorates her 60 years of artistic career. Read More

Encounter on World Cultural Heritage

Experts from Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Cuba will debate a plan of attention to the World Cultural Heritage sector in this town, one of the first ones founded by the Spaniards in The Americas. Read More

Cuba's finances eases as the island pays Mexico's exporters

Cuba resumed payments to Mexican exporters after holding back on foreign currency transfers for  onths, signalling that a cash crunch on the island’s $49 billion economy may be easing. Read More

US suggested Mexico to break off diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1994

President of the Bank of Mexico (BANXICO) Guillermo Ortiz revealed on Friday that the United States suggested Mexico to break off with Cuba in 1994, in exchange for financial aid to overcome that country’s liquidity crisis.<br /> Read More

Top Diplomats of Cuba and Mexico Meet

Cuba and Mexico took steps to improve their ailing relations on Friday when their top diplomats met here in the Cuban capital and spoke of the long history the two countries share. Read More

Cuban Residents in Colombia to meet on Saturday

Cuban residents in Colombia will meet on Saturday in this capital to reaffirm their loyalty to the social project of the island and demand the end of the US blockade against Cuba. Read More

Ida Hurricane goes deeper into the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Ida moving deeper into the Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) pulled the tropical storm warning that had been on Cuba’s westernmost Pinar del Rio province, in its 10:00 p.m. EST report. Read More

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