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The presentation of the International Service Assessment of the Spanish Language (Siele by its Spanish acronym) took place just a few hours ago at the Ancient College of San Ildefonso, in Mexico City. The establishment of this exam was announced in a act chaired by the King and Queen of Spain (Philip 6th and Leticia) and will serve as the official international test accrediting the domain of the Spanish language.
The test, which already has its counterpart to the English language in the certificates issued by Cambridge University , has been developed between the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Salamanca, all centers of supported prestige in teaching Spanish  Learners and teacher training. 
"An agile and highly regarded certificate was missing in the world of teaching Spanish as a second or foreign language, which would stand in the line of those that the English language offers," said the Spanish monarch in the presentation of the examination.
Although the exam can be conducted in centers throughout the world, the greatest initial efforts will go to Brazil, the United States and China, where more than 15 million people are studying the language of Cervantes. It is expected that about 300 000 candidates, a figure that could reach 750 000 in five years, to apply for this test when being implemented.


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