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Shanghai: a World Expo to Remember

The Chinese public interested in the Cuban Pavilion Read More

Japanese people to dance with the Cuban music

The different genres of Cuban music, with a special accent in salsa, made hundreds of Japanese people dance last Saturday in the II Cuba-Japan Dance and Music Festival that brought to Tokyo a sample of Cuban rhythm and coloring. Read More

China-Cuba ties ‘at best’

CUBA: Relations between Cuban and Chinese Parliaments are “at their best,” said President of the Cuban Parliament Ricardo Alarcon during meeting with visiting Chinese lawmaker Uyunqimg here Monday. Read More

Dayron Robles Announces his Next Races

Santiago Antunez, trainer of 110 meter hurdler Olympic champion Dayron Robles, announced that his pupil will enter the Diamond League in its second stage in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Read More

Chucho Valdes Ties Music Strings Between Cuba and Southeastern Asia

Music was proved to be an excellent bond to bring peoples together, as demonstrated by Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes and his jazz quintet in his recent concerts in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Read More

China, Cuba for Wider Cultural Bonds

Cuba and China explore new ways to enlarge cultural links, including greater diffusion of their respective literary creations, and that is the objective of a Cuban delegation on a visit to that country. Read More

Cuban Divers Travel to World Series in China

The Cuban pair José Antonio Guerra and Jeinkler Aguirre are traveling to compete in the first phase of the IV FINA World Diving Series, which will be held next weekend in the Chinese city of Qingdao. Read More

Laos: USA Violates Cuban Human Rights

The government of Laos ratified its rejection to the US blockade against Cuba, which human rights are violated by Washington despite the world's claim. Read More

China will Increase Cooperation Projects with Cuba

Liu Yuqin, Chinese ambassador to Cuba, said in this capital that his country will increase the number of projects in the Caribbean nation as part of the bilateral cooperation. Read More

Latin American School of Medicine enrollment in Cuba reaches 10,000

The Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba is now 10 years old, and has an enrollment of 10,000 students from dozens of countries, who are studying to be doctors without any cost for their families.<br /> Read More

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