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New medicines produced by the Malaysia-Cuba Bio-tech Alliance

The greatest achievement for both nations so far is in the bio-technology and pharmaceutical fields where a dynamic relationship has evolved with Malaysia's expertise in the production line goes hand in hand with Cuba's research capabilities Read More

Excellent relations between North Korea and Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro met on Monday with North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun, who is on an official visit to the Caribbean archipelago. Read More

Bouasone Bouphavanh PM of Laos arrives in Cuba on Sunday for an official visit

The Prime Minister of the Popular Democratic Republic of Laos arrives in Cuba on Sunday for an official visit Read More

Golden Award for cuban 'Concertante Trio' at Festival of Friendship Spring held in Pyongyang

The trio is integrated by Fernando Gell, piano, Dianelys Castillo, clarinet, and the violinist Fernando Muñoz. Read More

Ideograms found in Cienfuegos show earlier chinese presence in Cuba

There are three major Chinese migration flows to Cuba in history, the first from 1847 to 1874, the second from around 1865 to 1885 and the third from 1919 to 1925. Read More

Cuba made a Successful Test on China's Prosthesis Heart Artery

The device releases the drug Rapamycin to prevent the narrowing of the artery in which it is implanted and to treat the lesion causing angina pain, tachycardia and shortness of breath Read More

Cuban Revolutionary Cinema in Qatar

Cuba offered a colloquium on the revolutionary cinematography of the last 50 years and signed a technical cooperation accord during the Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival that ended on Thursday in Qatar. Read More

India Minister of State to Cuba

Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed is leading India's delegation to the April 27-30 Ministerial Meeting of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) in Havana Read More

Notwithstanding, my work is in Cuba, Setsuko Ono

The famous artist Setsuko Ono, sister of Yoko Ono and sister in law of John Lennon, <br /> declared in Paris that even though the US government tried to prevent it, her work is on display in Cuba. Read More

Opened in Tokyo one exhibition of the famous Cuban photographer Roberto Salas

The Cuban ambassador in Japan, José Fernández Cossío, opened at the Cervantes Institute in front of a numerous audience the important photographic exhibition, made of by forty five works. With this exhibition, are opened the activities to celebrate, all over year 2009, the 80 anniversary of the establishment of Cuba – Japan diplomatic relationships. Read More

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