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Record rainfall for February in Central Cuba

After several months of severe drought in the central province of Ciego de Avila, the rains of the last hours set a record for February in this territory, registering 118.5 mm. Read More

Bolivia Insists on Fight against Climate Change

Bolivia has presented to Panama proposals to be discussed at the World Conference of the Peoples on Climate Change, scheduled for April 19 to 22 in Cochabamba. Read More

Orchids’ workshop at Guanahacabibes Natural Park

The first ecology workshop of orchid populations: Vanguard tools, will take place from January 19-24 at Guanahacabibes peninsula visiting centre, with the participation of 21 specialists from nine countries and 13 Cubans. Read More

Cuba strengthens houses to face hurricanes

Frequently hit hurricanes, the inhabitants of Pinar del Rio are constructing more resistant homes to face these atmospheric phenomena. Read More

Climate agreement is 'undemocratic'

Fidel Castro says an agreement forged at the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen is "undemocratic" and calls President Barack Obama's speech there "misleading." Read More

UN Climate Summit to end with no concrete accord

The UN Summit on Climate Change is to end in Copenhagen, without any concrete agreements but it did feature countless appeals by political leaders to find a consensus before it is too late. Read More

The North should pay its ecological debt, demands Cuban VP in Copenhagen

Cuban Vice-president Esteban Lazo said on Thursday in Copenhagen that the demands of a financing mechanism to reduce climate change in developed nations are a moral obligation of powerful nations.<br /> Read More

Santa Cruz's town fate in 1932

The seaside town of Santa Cruz del Sur, south Camagüey was lashed out by a powerful hurricane in 1932 that prompted a storm surge that overflowed the town where the seawaters reached 6.5 meters height. Read More

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