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The tropical storm Hanna caused sea flooding in Holguin, Cuba

The tropical storm Hanna caused sea flooding up to 240 meters inland in the north-eastern town of Gibara, Holguin on Wednesday. Read More

Obama: Lift Cuba Restrictions To Aid Gustav Victims

Sen. Barack Obama today called on President Bush to lift U.S. travel for and other restrictions on family remittances, visits and humanitarian care packages to Cuba because of damage to the island country for 90 days because of Hurrican Gustav. Read More

Cubans Re-Building in Aftermath of Gustav

Despite the devastating passage of Gustav, which left major damage to the housing stock and the economy, there are no reports of human lossesDespite the devastating passage of Gustav, which left major damage to the housing stock and the economy, there are no reports of human losses. <br /> Read More

Hurricane Recovery Underway in Cuba

The direct impact of hurricane Gustav with maximum sustained winds of 240 km/h (149 mph) and gusts over 300 km/h (186 mph) caused large-scale damage in the Isla de la Juventud, Pinar del Rio and Havana Province, but not one human life was lost. Read More

Gustav Leaves No Deaths in Cuba

Even though hurricane Gustav was one of the most devastating to hit Cuba in the last 50 years, it did not cause any deaths due to the exceptional civil defense measures taken.<br /> Read More

Authorities Evaluate Gustav`s Effects on Western Cuba

uban Army General Leopoldo Cintra Frias, Head of the Western Army, is making a tour of the areas affected by Gustav in this western province to evaluate the damages. Read More

Cuba Snaps Back after Hurricane

Rapid response and high willingness by the population and authorities characterize Monday recovery brigades after serious damage in the western Cuban region from hurricane Gustav.<br /> Read More

Cuba Prepared to Confront Gustav

Raúl sends message of encouragement to Pinar del Río given the imminent arrival of the hurricane Is informed of preparations in the capital.  Lage confirms actions to protect human lives and minimize economic damage. Read More

Hurricane Gustav Nears Cuba With 195 kph Winds

U.S. forecasters say Hurricane Gustav has become a very dangerous storm and could grow even more powerful before striking western Cuba Saturday. Read More

Hurricane Gustav: Category 3 Heading for Cuba

Hurricane Gustav, the seventh tropical storm of the 2008 season, has now become a hurricane with Category 3 in the Saffir-Simpson scale and now threatens to intensify to affect the western part of the island, which started its alarm stage Saturday early morning.<br /> Read More

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